I’ve got New York in my ears

But Greater London under my feet

My head is making a transition to space

That my body can’t quite meet

Yet, not long ‘til I take off

Not long ‘til I make off

With the goods for a new

Adventure that I mistakenly

Thought was impossible

Implausible, impassable-

Like finding a needle in the

Haystack of London, like

Finding you.

6 thoughts on “NYC Mix

  1. The alliteration works really well! & I love the last 3 lines because it gets across how difficult it is to find some1 but also how grateful!

  2. The world gets smaller every day and the impossible becomes more more possible. suddenly u realise those dischordant sounds echoing in the skyrises of the big apple will be living vibrant music to your ears. Celebrate now. Reflect later. Remember forever.

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