Feeling must water the ground of the future

This storm drain needs a break

From all the rain

That keeps falling.

Ce sera sera is wearing thin

“It’s nice to be nice”

Would be welcomed in.

This is a loving waterbutt,

Brim full of feeling,

With nowhere to spill over,

Sensory deprivation for so long means

All I have is memory:

Your hand in mine;

Your kiss on my tongue;

Your whisper in my ear-

Before the water stopped the sound

And bound my eyes.

No scent of you,

No breath to sigh.

But it will spill over after all-

The trees will grow 15 feet over the winter,

And stoop to tell us their secret

Of letting go

Floating free, you and me

Like ducks in the spring flood

7 thoughts on “Feeling must water the ground of the future

  1. Your poetry really is quite beautiful, the words roll off the tongue and the imagery comes alive, God knows I could never write a poem like this!

  2. I love it! It’s sp full of emotions but not like a im sad im this, the symbolism is perfect, everything matches up and its really something!

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