Certifiable (The Calibration Paradox)

I am the standard

The gold for me is set

Here in my ticker ~

I am the measure

No calibration required

Just some oil for the hinges~

I am good enough

As long as I am present and

Aiming for my version of~



I read this just now- an interview with Brian Eno and this quote touches on some of what I am trying to say with this poem:

“I don’t know if you’ve ever read much about the history of shipbuilding?…Old wooden ships had to be constantly caulked up because they leaked. When technology improved, and they could make stiffer ships because of a different way of holding boards together, they broke up. So they went back to making ships that didn’t fit together properly, ships that had flexion. The best vessels surrendered: they allowed themselves to be moved by the circumstances.”

The rest of this thought-provoking interview can be read here.

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