I haven’t been here for a while. The summer has kept me busy with a multitude of competing priorities, including a lot of digging. Mainly in my vegetable patch at the end of the garden.

More recently I have started work on the front garden, which has been completely overgrown with bindweed and brambles. I am reclaiming it. It is a sunny day out there and I wish I could be digging now but I have another type of digging to attend to, with a pen in my hand.

In my mind both types of digging are closely related. Seamus Heaney writes beautifully about this in his poem Digging

One thought on “Digging

  1. Hello!
    Great blog. I’m also a writer but am now concentrating on novels. By blog is where I vent spleen about social injustice, but like you, I love books and can’t imagine living without them. Keep reading and writing, especially the poems.

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