The effect of the beat








Fire in its belly underneath

Flapping  its wings

The effect of the beat

Brings hurricanes and wedding rings

Changing  your view

And mending your heart

Or cleaving your dreams

And tearing your world apart

A chrysalid hangs suspended

Re-made, transformed, re-made

Love is a spiral of butterflies

Join the dance

This is a response to the painting ‘Love Force #5’ by Jonas Gerard, an artist featured on Friday Poetically at One Stop Poetry.

5 thoughts on “The effect of the beat

  1. hurricanes and wedding rings, change your view…love is a spiral of butterflies, join the dance…hot lines…i like your take on the paintings…nicely done.

  2. I love poetry as a response to art as much as I love painting as a response to poetry. I always turn to my favourite poets Judith Wright and Les Murray ( Australian poets ) to create imagery. Cheers Sue

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