Make Do And Mend #1

The foil from teacake is pasted on the board

The drawn face can’t be ignored

The board patches the building

Scrubbed of its bingo daze

Will it be restored or bulldozed away

Will it make way for more intangible

A smooth reflection of nothing

Where the buddliea cannot root

Where birds cannot nest

Where tension becomes unrest

And protest falls on blank walls

Poem for One Shot Wednesday at One Stop Poetry

12 thoughts on “Make Do And Mend #1

  1. “Scrubbed of its bingo daze
    Will it be restored or bulldozed away”
    Nice flow there and throughout. Really like the last two lines as well.

  2. Only someone with the eye of an artist or the mind of a poet would notice the incongruity of teacake wrapping holding a broken window and chipped board together. It proves that inspiration is out there – everywhere we go, if only we slow down and observe… Nice work!

  3. Hmmm…not sure what happened with my comment. THe last two lines really grabbed me and I love how you much depth you found in something that most of us would simply walk by without noticing.

  4. Thanks so much for all the positive comments! It is an old cinema/bingo hall which is currently disused and is being stripped back to reveal its ‘roots’. I am intrigued so will probably be writing some more poetry about it.

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