Happy Solstice! Time for a Change…

This site will now be accommodating all my writing. I have had a tendency to try and separate my various forms of writing to the point where I have been spreading myself too thinly across the blogosphere, similar to the way I like my marmite on toast. I would prefer my blogging to entice like a thick gooey dollop of clotted cream and jam on a freshly baked spongey, crumbly babel tower of scone…mmmm…here goes! In the spirit of the solstice it’s all about abundance…

3 thoughts on “Happy Solstice! Time for a Change…

  1. I’ve had the same struggle with multiple blogs. I suspect you’ve made the right decision, so obvious, but so hard to commit to. I’m working up the discipline to go the one-blog route as well. Best of luck.

    1. Thanks- I am taking it as a good omen that after I made the decision my blog post about being a bibliophile was ‘Freshly Pressed’ and has received over 3000 hits in the last few days! Good luck- I feel much happier since I have taken the plunge- definitely made life simpler… 🙂

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