4 thoughts on “#WordlessWednesday : Rainbow’s End

  1. This is a photo worthy of an award – it’s just fabulous, amazing, magical. Probably the most amazing photo I’ve seen in a year of blogging, including all Wordless Wednesdays, The Gallery and Silent Sundays. Well done!

    btw – the 100 word challenge you read on my blog was a guest post. My own entry is the post below it, if you want to read it, no pressure, etc… Thanks. And Happy New Year to you. xxx

    1. Wow! Thanks- that’s quite a compliment! Sam was enjoying the rainbows made by the fountain in the sunshine on a walk by the aqueduct in Montpellier, where we are lucky enough to have just had a week’s stay. Of course, I will have a read of your post- I always enjoy your blog- I wish I had more time to read and comment. Thanks again! 🙂 xx

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