News In Brief

I’ve not had a lot of time to spend here recently, and I think that may be the case from this point on, although I will still be popping in weekly at least. I am writing and developing projects for other, larger writing as part of my postgraduate studies, and elsewhere too.

The poetry continues but I am now focussing on prose fiction and writing longer pieces of non-fiction. I can feel at least one book taking shape in my mind, and there is the seed for another. The main ingredient required for these apart from energy, research, ideas, talent and skill, is TIME.

Time is my most precious commodity at the moment. Life is opening up in all sorts of new, satisfying ways, with new friendships being forged and with keeping up my son’s social engagements and interests. I am having to prioritise more than ever and be disciplined about how I use my time. The hours slip away like quicksilver.

One thought on “News In Brief

  1. It’s fun to interact with peers but I understand time! I warm up my fingers here but need to focus more, for faster story progress. Good luck with you & your son’s activities. I want to thank you for being an early subscriber to, it meant the world to see you add me! Others finally followed. I just made my first WordPres annivesary.

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