Dan Holloway interviewed me about my poetry map, Amniotic City for his wonderful Eight Cuts Gallery Blog

eight cuts

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Some things are just perfect. Like Amniotic City, a map of the part of East London that cradles the Thames, produced by the wonderful Lucy Furlong. Only it’s not just a map, it’s a psychogeographic poetic tribute to a side of this wonderful city too rarely see. Just buy it, OK, and then come back and read what Lucy has to say in one of the most insightful interviews it’s been my pleasure to host.

DH: Thank you so much for agreeing to answer some questions – I just love the sound of Amniotic City (is “Scratching the Surface if the” part of the title? I couldn’t quite tell)

LF: It’s Amniotic City but my friend who helped me with the artwork added Scratching the Surface in a sense of a series…

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