Jubious Honour

Saw this in Bloomsbury yesterday- nice work whoever…

I am just starting to plan and research the dissertation I will write this summer. At the same time I seem to be having a freak out about how on Earth I will earn a living to support me and my son at the end of the five years’ studying I hope to complete by September 2013. Things are changing so fast and all in the wrong ways. This morning someone told me about the sixty jobs advertised by Primark and the 4000 applications received…. we are 15% into the austerity cuts and nobody will say out loud that we are suffering a depression. There is no need for any of it.

Noticeably more beggars on the street in London and the soup kitchen queue by Coutts is bigger every time I see it….

One thought on “Jubious Honour

  1. The international nature of the crisis has sunk into most people’s head yet…but alas it will sooner than later…here’s wishing you the best with your research.

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