Growing Stuff

Yesterday I planted lollo rosso lettuce, Rainbow Lights chard, beetroot and mixed salad leaves in a couple of pots on my patio. These are very late but I am holding out for a wet summer (OhLimp*ck washout) and a sunny and warm September and October.

Sadly I’ve had little time or energy for gardening and my veg patch is a mass of weeds so the patio pots will do until I’ve got it all clear again.

I need to get some spinach on the go too. I can’t afford to spend £1.69 on a bag of spinach…and the rest…my aim is to be self sufficient in greens from the garden by this time next year…ambitious but also will save a fortune, taste better, have more nutritional value, and be environmentally friendly and sustainable. My son will know how to grow some of his own food as well.

There are french beans and mange tout growing in a pot by my front door too. Slight inspiration from 18 Folgate Street, aka Dennis Severs’ House, which I visited a couple of years ago on my 40th birthday- see the pics.

For more on my previous gardening and growing exploits see my Roar! Earth blog spot.

3 thoughts on “Growing Stuff

  1. Since I live outside of town, I put up a small greenhouse and now I’m enjoying some of the veggies…still learning how to manage the greenhouse..oh if I plant it outside the greenhouse…all those woodland creatures eat it. 🙂

  2. That sounds great re growing stuff in your greenhouse 🙂 Always challenges with growing things and not having other things eat them first! What’s been your biggest success/favourite?

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