OMG…as a single parent currently retraining and hoping to freelance/teach so I can still do the school run this is a nightmare…

the void

Universal Credit, the Government’s new benefit regime, will prove devastating for part time workers and may mean part time work is no longer viable as a route out of poverty or unemployment.

The recent small fall in unemployment has been entirely down to the growth of part time work.  Unprecedented numbers of people are now working part time and are dependent on some benefits to meet their housing costs and other costs of living.  The number of people in full time work has continued to fall.

Despite this Universal Credit seems tailor made to punish any minimum wage worker who cannot find work for 35 hours a week.  Under the new regime those earning less than 35 hours a week will face ‘work conditionality requirements’ that may mean obtaining or keeping part time work is impossible.  Claimants will be forced to attend work related interviews and carry out intensive job…

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