Traditional Threshold offering

The Seethingography Blog is a month old today, and is a place where I hope people will continue to send their writing and pictures about Seething. I am currently writer-in-residence at the Museum of Futures, and the first Seething Writers meet up takes place there next Monday, 6th June…


In Regency times when life could be a bit ooh la la in Seething, it became the tradition to leave an offering of pommes frites at the threshold of one’s abode, after an evening of revelry. Before the introduction of this French delicacy (by Le Duc Gordes Benet, who often travelled through Seething on his way to do business de fromage serieux in Cheesington) villagers left a potato, or stretching further back into the mists of time, a turnip. This was a way of offering Seething ancestors a spiritual morsel, and assuaging any guilt for waking the dead with the unholy racket they were making at that time of the evening…Shhh….vestiges of this traditional practice still take place today, mostly after 11pm on a Friday or Saturday night.

discovered by Lucy Furlong

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