Ghosts, POMs and Panopticons

Had to reblog this: Chantal Lyons came along to the writing workshop I ran for South West Fest last week at the Morpeth Arms, and produced some great work, published here on her blog.

The Little Bookery

On Thursday 16th June, I attended a writing workshop organised by the brilliant SouthWestFest and run by writer/poet/kindred nature spirit Lucy Furlong. It was at Morpeth Arms, a pub that faces M16 across the river and used to be the watering hole of the prison guards of Millbank Penitentiary – one of the places that prisoners destined for transportation to Australia were held.

Given that I’ve spent the last twelve years of my live writing strictly fantasy, sci fi and a fair bit of nature, the workshop was wonderfully refreshing, even though (or because?) the subject matter was bleak and dark. The pub is meant to be haunted by the ghosts of both prisoners and guards that never escaped Millbank.

So here’s what I produced on the night – a haiku, a longer poem, and an only-slightly longer story.

N.B. New Holland is the name Australia used to go by in Europe.

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