Seething Writers Make Merry and Seethingographer Launch


swmakemerrysimWe met for a festive reading and social at the Museum of Futures in December, to celebrate a very successful and enjoyable six months of Seething Writers, and to launch The Seethingographer, a chapbook anthology of writing and images from Seething Writers, published on the brand new Seethingography imprint by Sampson Low publishers.

The Seethingographer Chapbook The Seethingographer Chapbook

There were fantastic readings, including a gorgeous poem from Diane Keighley, which she has very kindly allowed to be published here:


Frosted skeletons of leaves adorn the twisted boughs
And icy spears usurp the verdant lawns
While festive laughter rings from lighted halls
And yellow lanterns push back winter’s claws.

In nature’s death we grasp at vital warmth
To fill the darkened hours till new year’s dawn
With joy, the robin’s scarlet heart lifts ours
To see a flash of red, a memory of blood.

Diane Keighley

Also a great festive tale from…

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