Dead Trees #1

It is the Urban Tree Festival this weekend – celebrating London’s amazing Urban Forest. While we celebrate our wonderful leafy friends this weekend, I am also commemorating the significant number of trees that are being destroyed at an unprecedented rate at the moment in the Royal Borough of Kingston Upon Thames. This is not something I want to write about but I made a commitment to focus on climate change in my writing (most of my writing is about that anyway) and so I begin here… we must value and protect our trees! #climateemergency

6 thoughts on “Dead Trees #1

  1. I can see why they want to cut down trees that are diseased or dead, or even thinning out forestation, but I don’t understand the needless destroying of trees, unless they are planning on planting more in a different area.

  2. It’s sad to see such destruction without replacement. Trees are an essential part of the beauty of London and are becoming more vital in the fight against climate change in addition to preserving the “Green Lung” of London. that runs from Putney to Hampton Court. Walking through this urban forest is something I remember from childhood and contributes to the health of London’s children and I miss it. It’s greener and more accessible than the countryside or small town where I now live.

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