#Declutter 1: Plastic Wood











This is the Year of the Horse but in my house it is also the Year of the Declutter. It might even be the first in Two Years of Declutter. The loft is slowly emptying and giving up its dusty (understatement) Scooby-Doo web encrusted treasures, which are then sorted into piles of ‘keep/bin/charity shop/ebay’. This inevitably went in the bin and whatever ‘Plastic Wood’ was I will never know as the tin was jammed shut and I guessed from its lightness that the contents were long gone…

The De-Tox Starts Here

Now that school has started, and I have another two weeks before I begin my MA, I am taking the opportunity to get on with all the things that have been waiting to be done for the last six weeks / six months / three years….!

The usual list, familiar to many, of de-clutter, take stuff to charity shops, list items on e-bay, clean the house from top to bottom, action and file paperwork…blah blah blah ad infinitum

I also need to give my poor garden some attention. Last year my veg patch produced a bountiful harvest – see the Roar!Earth blog here for more on that. This year, due to poor health and the intensity of the final year of my degree, it has been minimal and is overgrown with perennial weeds, although there are nasturtiums, sweet peas and cornflowers peeking through the bindweed and brambles.

My next major project though is me. I am starting a liver cleanse next monday, so no caffeine, wheat, sugar or booze for the next couple of months. Challenge on!