A Thousand Reasons (To be a Feminist)

Last Thursday, International Womens’ Day, Linda Grant found herself trending on Twitter. This was after tweeting about the fact that feminists fought hard for the things women take for granted now.  Her timeline became an avalanche of retweets from other women telling their own stories of sexist behaviour, way back when and even now. Read more about it here, on the Guardian website.  Today the archive of theses tweets goes live here, at http://athousandreasons.com/

I was a fifteen year old Feminist

At six, I told the boys “I am Peter Pan”

They wanted me to be Wendy

At ten, I told the boys “I am Han Solo”

They wanted me to be Princess Leia


I was a fifteen year old feminist

“I’m not your love”

“I’m not called Miss”

I wore big boots

Not white stilettos

I was not a “germ-free adolescent”


At nineteen, I told the boys “I am going to DJ”

I am noone’s jockey slut

At thirtyfour, I told him “I will not follow you”

And watch my life become a rut


I am a forty year old feminist

I don’t mind the “love”

But I’m Ms not “Mrs”

I am a mother

A poet, a writer

For womens’ rights I’m still a fighter.

In celebration of International Womens’ Day 2011

Entered in One Shot Wednesday for One Stop Poetry