National Poetry Day at the Museum of Futures – in Pictures


‘Say it With a Poem’ was held on Thursday 6th October, National Poetry Day, at the Museum of Futures. Poetry was created, read and shared by people who dropped in from the afternoon until late in the evening.

It was a great bonus to have Future Mellon‘s time capsule there, with Andreas creating a gallery space downstairs in the museum, a space for people to write a message to the future. The time capsule was then sealed with great ceremony, and will not be opened again until way into the future: 5th December 2092!

Thanks to Lisa Davison and Sinead Keegan of All the Sins– this would not have happened without their support. Also thanks to the Museum of Futures- a great venue for this event, allowing everyone the space to try a range of different hands-on activities for making and discovering new poems.

Finally, a BIG…

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‘Say It With A Poem’ at The Museum of Futures

Chuffed to be dong this – hope you can join us on Thursday 6th October


This year’s National Poetry Day theme is ‘Messages’, so come along to the Museum and have some fun creating your own poetic messages. There will be a range of activities and writing exercises to try…and more!

  • From 3pm there will be after-school family writing activities, so come along with your kids and have a go at Poetry Lucky Dip, or write a haiku to your dog, or a poem to yourself in the future…there will be plenty of things to try in a relaxed setting, with help on hand should you need it.

If you or your children would like to bring a favourite poem to read and share, or would like to read the poems you have written there will be a chance to do that too!

  • After 5pm – pop in on your way home from work or drop by to take part in activities for generating…

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Seething Writers of the Walking Kind


So, Seething Writers of the Third Kind, as it was billed on Facebook, became Seething Writers of the Walking Kind… our first foray into what I have been calling Seethingography, and this was it- a walk around Seething Wells for just over an hour. We met at the Museum of Futures and the walk began with a small reading from Phil Smith’s wonderful book ‘On Walking’, followed by the famous Walt Whitman lines:

now voyager

It was great fun, and we were very lucky to be accompanied by Seething experts Simon Tyrrell and Howard Benge who have studied the history of the filter beds and Seething Wells water works, amongst other local history. It will be interesting to see what writing comes out of this psychogeographical exploration of the area.

view from the lambeth waterworks steps view from the lambeth waterworks steps

The next Seething Writers meeting takes place on Monday August 22nd, from 7.30-…

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Traditional Threshold offering

The Seethingography Blog is a month old today, and is a place where I hope people will continue to send their writing and pictures about Seething. I am currently writer-in-residence at the Museum of Futures, and the first Seething Writers meet up takes place there next Monday, 6th June…


In Regency times when life could be a bit ooh la la in Seething, it became the tradition to leave an offering of pommes frites at the threshold of one’s abode, after an evening of revelry. Before the introduction of this French delicacy (by Le Duc Gordes Benet, who often travelled through Seething on his way to do business de fromage serieux in Cheesington) villagers left a potato, or stretching further back into the mists of time, a turnip. This was a way of offering Seething ancestors a spiritual morsel, and assuaging any guilt for waking the dead with the unholy racket they were making at that time of the evening…Shhh….vestiges of this traditional practice still take place today, mostly after 11pm on a Friday or Saturday night.

discovered by Lucy Furlong

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