#NationalMeadowsDay poetry challenge. Have you written a poem about meadows? If inspired please join me and David Hill in celebrating our countryside. This is a one off challenge. All poems will feature on my website. Artworks welcome too. DM me for my email address

Thanks to Paul Brookes at Wombwell Rainbow for featuring my poem Six Acre Meadow here today, as part of #NationalMeadowDay

The Wombwell Rainbow

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The flower meadows at RSPB OLd Moor

-Paul Brookes

LucyFurlong_OTF-Map-HR[84170]Lucy Furlong OTF_6AcreMeadow_walk2015_resize[84169]Lucy Furlong OTF_Ophelia_2014_resize[84168]Six Acre Meadow


It was just ‘the field the other side of the second bridge’
which led to nowhere but, here, looking across the river,
you knew the manor house was there,
you could hardly see it through the trees then, maybe elms,
couldn’t see it when you went up by the church.

The old barn was on the right hand side below the church
at the bottom of the manor house land, ramshackle unromantic
surrounded by scrub but attractive for its intact hayloft
you climbed through a barbed wire fence, and climbed up
thrilled in successfully trespassing the forbidden space

Four of us got caught once by a man holding a shotgun.
We claimed to be from Worcester Park to throw them off the scent,
some of the other lads came up the hill, saw us being led away,

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